A call to arms!

Kabataan ang pag asa ng Bayan – RIZAL
But does the youth, which Rizal says  “Pag-Asa” ng Bayan will still be the “Pag-Asa” ng Bayan if they would fail to enroll next sem because of their schools uprising trend in tuition fee?

fellow Rizalian’s!

we would like to inform you that on Feb26,2010 there will be a tuition fee consultation at Tower62, 5pm which the upcoming tuition fee increase would be discussed. we would like to ask for your sympathy against any increase on our tuition fee.

as the admin says, one of their reasons why they should increase their tuition is because of the newly acquired “Autonomous” Status of our school. wherein they say that a school with such status can no longer be bothered by CHED, specifically on tuition fee increases.

but that reasoning is not true, because, the CHED cannot intervene with JRU(w/ its Autonomous Status) on opening on new courses only. it doesnt mean that having the Autonomous Status would be their reason for any increase on our tuition.  but what’s happening is, they, the school admin – is using the school’s autonomous status to gradually increase our tuition again.

we should not confer to that. we as students, can only guard our good education by preventing such tuition fee increases. a simple logic : if the school, once again increase its tuition – that would be a burden to our parents. and  the trend of drop out rates on our university will gradually increase again. is that the quality and good education they are bragging? yes, we got “the gold standard of academic excellence”, but by what measures? by increasing tuition fee which would cause us to stop come next academic calendar 2010-2011?

we have to do something. and yes, we can do something.

we are inviting you participate on our BLACK SHIRT DAY on Febryary26, 2010 at the our school campus. and also, there will be a massive mobilization at the front of our school wherein students from different academe in Metro Manila will conduct a program as a sign of solidarity to us Rizalians.

because of our schools repressive orientation, we understand that there are some fears on your thoughts, if you cant join the mobilization at the front of our school, you can express your sympathy by wearing black shirt on that said date(Feb26). you could also watch the program at the front of our school at around 4:30 – 5:00pm.

Remember :

1.Black shirt day on Feb26 2010 as a sign of protest against our schools tuition fee increase.

2. Make the Tution Fee Consultation Public!

We would also want to tell you that the consultation that will happen on Feb26 is only limited to central student council heads and org heads. that is so few compared to the nearly 9000 students of our school. what if, all of them are biased at our schools tuition fee increase? should we be the one to carry the burden? that is why we are demanding that the tuition fee consultation should happen in a public place, somewhat like the quadrangle wherein the majority of the students wil be the audience.

lets fight the massive commercialization on our school!
let us fight against Tuition Fee and Other Increases!
Black Shirt Day on Feb26!

with solidarity,
KabataanPartylist, JRU


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